Thing 4_Blogging in Education

I overlooked posting for Thing 4. I am getting forgetful, I guess.

I read a blog post called “Schools Promote Drivers Ed-Learning by Driving with Guidance. Schools Should do the Same Thing with Social Media.” The author stressed the importance of  teaching/training students in proper use of social media as you would teach them to properly operate a potentially dangerous motor vehicle.

I was especially struck by the civil discourse discussion. You can often learn from people with whom you disagree. Young people must be taught that when someone disagrees with them, it shouldn’t be considered a personal attack. They often respond to a difference of opinion with putdowns, threats, cursing, and other negative behavior.  If students can be shown how others have used civil discourse to open their minds and improve their work, as the blog author shows, they can learn how to respond correctly in situations where other students, teachers, and outsiders comment on their posts.


2 thoughts on “Thing 4_Blogging in Education

  1. I hope this year we can get our students to learn how to respect who they are as people. We have so many talented ones that are angry the minute they come to your class. Is the blog on social media to above their heads to read? Having them communicate using google docs, might be a way to hear their thoughts or see how others view negativity.

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